Toro is an American cultivar with large berries of 17-20 mm in diameter and average weight of about 2 g reaching sometimes up to 4 g, mainly one-dimensional, round oblate, blue in colour and with a thick blue bloom. The plant is a vigorous, sprawling shrub with shoots of 1.8-2 meters, the adult plant yields about 5-9 kg of berries per annum. The cultivar is very hardy and resistant to pest attacks and diseases. The berries are suitable for all types of processing, but are especially valuable fresh being a unique source of vitamins and nutrients.


Brigitta is of an Australian origin. The shrub has a fast growth rate, not too thick, reaching up to 1.8 m in height. The berries are of high quality, delicious, large, light blue, smooth, hard and with crunchy texture. The berries perfectly stand both cold and controlled atmosphere long-tern storage. The cultivar belongs to the most promising and high yield ones.


Bluecrop is one of the most well-known and popular varieties cultivated in our climate. It is considered to be the model for other varieties. The shrubs are up to 1.6 - 2 m high. The berries are large, of very high quality, suitable for manual and mechanical harvesting, very tasty, can be eaten fresh or stored. The berries begin to ripen in early August; each shrub gives a yield of 4-9 kg of berries.

Early Blue

Early Blue – indeed the name speaks for itself. The plants of this cultivar ripen when the other types reveal only green berries. The berries are large, 15-18 mm in diameter, flattened, round in outline, of blue colour and covered with a light blue bloom. The plant is of an average height, shrubs reach 1,2-1,8 m in height with erect branches and produce regular crops of 6-8 kg of early berries per year.


Bred in 1994, Chandler is characterized as a great cultivar with excellent berries. The shrub is vigorous, well-branched, grows to a height of 1.5 m. The cultivar produces unusually large berries each having over 2 cm in diameter and weighing more than 2 g. The berries are blue in colour, appetizing, thick, with a small scar. The yield is high and regular. The Chandler cultivar belongs to one of the most popular varieties in the market.


Until recently, the Patriot cultivar has been considered a very promising novelty. The shrubs reach up to 1,2-1,8 m in height. The berries are very large, flattened, delicious, with a firm skin, strong flavour, small dry scar, light blue in colour with some lighter shades present. The first crop is harvested by hand whereupon the mechanized harvesting is allowed. The berries ripen for picking in the third decade of July. The yield is 4.5 - 9 kg per shrub.