Among the European Countries, Ukraine is distinguished by rather favorable soil-climatic conditions and long-standing traditions concerning the cultivation of fruit and berry crops in temperate climates. The production of berry products in the country is of particular importance, since the demand for berries is quite high all over the world. In 2016, "LIGA AGRO" was created in order to enter the national and international market for supply of berries. Founders of the company with all responsibility came to study the features and requirements for the cultivation of berry products. As a result, all products of the company are environmentally friendly and organically certified. Nowadays, ”LIGA AGRO” has planted 13 ha of blueberries, 7.1 ha of raspberries and 1 ha of blackcurrants and blackberries, as well as 1.7 ha of alpine strawberries. For planting raspberries, blackcurrants and blackberries, special in vitro seedlings were used. The modern technology of growing berry crops in vitro allows the use of high-quality and healed planting material that meets the requirements of organic farming. Despite the fact that the company "LIGA AGRO" has started its way not so long ago, we already have preliminary agreements on the supply of our products to the Ukrainian market, as well as to European countries. Sincerely, Director of "LIGA AGRO"